Last post, I provided some tips and tricks to charge-up your Linked In profile.  Continuing with the Linked In theme, here is a primer on using the Advanced Search feature in Linked In to make new valuable professional connections.

LI-search-1To get started, click on ‘Advanced’ next to the search icon at the top of Linked In.  To the left, you will see options to search by a number of different criteria.

In the example below, I conducted a key word search for ‘SVP AND Marketing’ and got 1,590 ‘Second Connection’ results (meaning someone I’m connected with is connected to those people).  I found someone I would like to connect with and noticed we have two ‘Shared Connections.’

I then mouse over to the ‘Connect’ button to the right.  I can either ‘Connect’ with that person (click and send a request) or I can choose to send an In Mail message.  You will see that I’m prompted to mention our mutual connections, to increase the my chances of getting a positive response.

As I recommended to you in my last post, I have signed up for the one-month free trial Premium Subscription.  In the past few days, I’ve made some great new connections, increased views to my profile and ended up adding several new folks to my email list.  I’m seeing such good results I might actually continue and pay for the premium status (I believe there will be an ROI on the $60 per month).

Note: Linked In changes their applications frequently.  At one point you could use a feature in the search results to request your connection make an introduction.  Now, you need to use the In Mail feature (which requires a premium membership) to send a personal introduction message. Still, the Advanced Search feature is a great tool to find and reach out to potential new professional connections!