Featured Projects

TechAffinity Consulting

Messaging, website, social media and custom graphics for progressive IT staffing firm.

SJC Engineering

Complete re-branding for New York City based engineering consulting firm: new logo, messaging, website and collateral.

Surgical Capital Solutions

Re-branding, marketing and sales programs, as well as corporate development, for health care finance venture.

Blog Posts

Marketing is Not Smoke & Mirrrors

Marketing is Not Smoke & Mirrors If you studied business, you were exposed to Philip Kotler’s text book, ‘Marketing Management.’ It’s a good encyclopedia of marketing and through the book, you come to realize that effective marketing incorporates all aspects of...

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Find a Good Enemy

In the annals of great product innovation, the Apple Macintosh is legendary. With Macintosh, Apple introduced a computer that wowed people with its elegant user interface, 3d graphics, document templates and selection of fonts. The creation of the Mac was driven by a...

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Winning by Losing

As a learning organization, before you move forward to the next new business opportunity, you should spend some time reflecting on and learning from both your successes and failures.

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